Donation Perks

Donations fund development and pay for the server. If you wish to support Crystal Math Labs, feel free to look through the many benefits of donating below.
  • None
  • $5 for bronze crown ()
  • $15 for silver crown ()
  • $25 for custom colored crown or country flag
  • $35 for custom image by name instead of crown (15x15 maximum size)
For custom colored crowns, use the crown generator below to find the colors you want. Custom colored crowns that look like Jagex Mod crowns () are not allowed. For custom images, send us a link to an image. Your image will be resized to a maximum size of 15x15 if it is too large.

Any of these perks can also be requested:
  • $5 for custom capitalization of your name. ex: PvM Bob instead of Pvm Bob.
  • $10 for each link to your social media profiles (Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch) on your track page. To clarify, it is $30 for all 3 sites. Example
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Twitch
  • $10 for a custom message when your mouse cursor is hovered over your icon. The maximum length of this message is 100 characters.
  • $20 for a miscellaneous (non-alphanumeric) characters in your name. ex: smiley face at the end, dashes/underscores/etc instead of spaces within the name. You may be denied this perk if your icon, name, and miscellaneous characters are too long and cannot fit inside of a virtual hiscores column.
  • $30 for a link to your Twitch stream on the front page of CML when you are live. This must be purchased with the $10 Twitch link on your track page.
  • $100 for a custom colored name. The color must be clearly visible against CML's background. For $15 extra, you may have a second color be used in your name. When you donate, describe which characters of your name you want colored with this additional color.

Player Name:
Main color: from
M color: from
Icon URL:
Name color: from

Twitter handle:
YouTube name:
Twitch name:

After donating, you may swap perks at any time by messaging us as long as the sum of the cost of all of the requested perks is less than of equal to the amount you donated.

Donation Methods


After clicking "Pay Now", you must fill out the donation amount on the PayPal page, please include your RSN and requests in the paypal donation box.

Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies

To donate anonymously with cryptocurrencies, please request an address for your preferred cryptocurrency using the contact form. Include your requests in the contact form message if you wish to have your donation accredited to your name and receive other perks.