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Fantasy EHP

In order to support Season 3 of Fantasy EHP a new page has been added to the site covering basic information on the competition. This information is the current state of each weeks match and the current rankings overall. For more detailed information you can view the official spreadsheet for the competition, linked on the CML page.

You can find the page for fantasy ehp in the header bar, or by clicking this.

For people unfamiliar with what Fantasy EHP is:
10 team captains have been selected. These 10 captains have drafted, turn-based using a snake format, 12 players each (selecting 1 player at a time) until their roster was completed. The captains could freely select between all players in Runescape. The captain will then start 7 out of his 12 players each week, these 7 players are then competing against the 7 players of another team where the objective is to obtain the most EHP.

The regular season of the competition is 9 weeks long (Week 1 starts monday - 2 days after the draft has concluded) with 1 Free Agent week midway through the regular season. It is then followed by an additional 3 weeks of playoffs after the regular season has concluded. -- Source

A more detailed breakdown of how it all works can be found in the official spreadsheet.

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 Playingiron Jared Floot Rigondeaux Skillingtill
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 H4iden #FBU Lowiqxd Luc A Pcfl Bone Swftz
 Twisted Boh Uim Link Saunders R Eece Omnia Dalty
 Dr Zoydberg Vicky The Buffalo Raassig Rs Wiki
 Rylett Sir Vo Armadyl 1992 Deadhc Umea
 Jayden Jiklim John Mayer Mini Dreyri Rhinub
 Sick Nerd Magicbox Zuntko Staigzor You Wish
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 Yackkle Shock Jock Den0va Banglaroad69 Ravicus
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 Ltyler Magicken Malacosh MissIronMage Mossking
 Multiloquent D 4 L Killzone ArmaniJeans2 Ben Yuh
 DarnItBobby F15 Flyingbird33 Irl Grandma I am on a PC
 Kenster Ken Mr Dylan X MtnGoat Omnia Honeyb zMarc
 Varg Exclude S T E N Kyle Jones J95
 Juganog Phyzis 2992 Rptr Flyonwings
 Kb Sc Jqmie Silly Apple D Ica Joe Mangina
 Lee Jimenez 01 11 1994 Agilityboy22 Axylix Bear
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 Dudash Ehp Mvp Escort Esc O Fumin
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 Tahx Maxcastle Lithe Leaf C A R A J O Drakdorian
 Thievs Catherby Athlete Fluq Yew Longs
 Cd Takinabreak Qatar Rwncraftt Oiz
 Omnia Smiley Osrs Nate Pumpkin Pumpkin Late Pure Luck
 Qanye Ranty Razor Beast Rbbl Reilly
 Rhey Scaping Silent Sle3k Soup
 Supreme King Thorn Tinniee Tom Riddle Vape
 Wortham Wosby Wu Xlucid Dream Yachi
 Yekouri Zedzius Zoot Allures 2971 Add Bisping
 Apoc Auddax Big Cloutgod Big Kowe Big Mug
 Bose Bradfordly Cheng Xiao Couther Daqqs
 Drawkel Dreamworld Duud Eeli Emziie
 Entityleader F34rcr4ds Falador Snow Flushy Foonk
 Fortnmz Frightmare Funeral Fyri F 3 4 R
 GasolHexis Akarin Horcrux Hotkeys Hunter Capet
 Hutchens Ilkybar Ititaniumx Its Woteva Jacobb
 Joeshmo Jumido K4 Kerzzz Kevscape
 Kill Counts KQQky Laye Liqix Litterbug
 Ljr523 Majzako7 Mini Finbarr Mirror Lmage Anglun
 Samb O Saltie Tbh Hi Lol X Thurco Tre Bomb
 zF2P 11HydroxyTHC AyJ Boi Puccl Durk Davis
 Dylrex FISHY FISHY au Fluxicution F ork
 HacLtrlyanythng Lakozz Slaves Alt Velociraptor
 Booty Barbie Mines John Lennon Alexis Ren ico
 Mc Shan Nuski 07 Questalion Xoxo Rc For Gp
 Chippaaaaay Zeale Xochipilli Sarats Quest 1will
 D00d00 3oh5 3vison 4 8 Chris 8
 Akshay Alessan Also Trev Alt Codes Amfar
 Anew Aqpw Asth Balk Balore
 Beaivi Beavis Bellyfeel Bewda Blaise Green
 Bodyguard 0 Bogart Bonded Bq6 Brooksher
 Brucewayne1 Bruma Byewhat Canine Capt King
 Chakwow Cha Rles Corbo Coventry Cursedrank2
 Dab All Day Danny184 Deeyja Delo Developer
 Devotion Disvay Earthtali11 Eho Evse
eXampL Exospheres Fletchy Fong Forkss
 Fowls Glads Gorrd Gran T Grhowl
 Gunnerr Hakala Hard Pixels Harloe Holysylph425
 Hordaland Hypzeh Il Immeh Im On A Yak
 IndiNvrBackDwn Iron Dotson JapoolieJenny Death
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 Kdotx Kezzy Kingsawyer1 Knife2urface Krestansky
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 Maydog Minimg Mogre Moshul Mr Bee
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