Crystal Math Labs offers an XP tracker for Jagex's Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. If you wish to track RuneScape 3 players, click the RS3 link on the top right of any page. This website is currently tracking 143,605 Old School RuneScape players with 8,872,909 datapoints since this site's launch on February 23, 2013.

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CML Subreddit

I have decided to create a subreddit for Crystal Math Labs (/r/CrystalMathLabs). I feel that a subreddit will be a useful tool for providing constructive feedback and suggestions for the site, especially for EHP XP rates. Currently, it is not easy for me to determine how the majority of people feel about what the EHP rates should be. With reddit's replying and voting system, it will be easy for me to determine how the community feels about an issue. I will also maintain a public To-Do list for everyone to view and discuss. New users of this site can use the subreddit to ask questions about how the site works.

Posted by  Foot :~) on August 9, 2015, 5:45 AM - View News Archive


Gold and silver crowns next to a player's name on this website does not indicate their moderator status in RuneScape. You can hover your mouse over any player's crown to find out why they have the crown. Here's a list of players with crowns:

Developer:  Foot :~)
 The Mad Dan Pm Miss Hanna PeckishWhale JMR Rian
 Sathon Elvis99 Kewl Newf Tmm
 ROBBOsickdog Bisping Jared Oxe Viore
 I Lift Nats Pcfl Bone H4iden Skill Frooby
 Zadejte Noc Sir Rylett Fredimmu Magicbox
 Rens Tails Kisses Sara Leone Speedlund
 TzHaar-Hero Cloud Smiles Jagbakoba Jiklim Stellar Wind
Daubs Home 4 Xmas Milk Energy Shock Jockey Den0va
 Stampee Fred X JontzQ Jebrim Iv Rwne
 Drsantaclaws Mourn Iron Filthy Marmite Randalicious
 Aubury Moksu Kokiri Matto Iv
 John Knee E Slayer Lamp Sphinx Jamz
 Jowah Evilnme Tanis Grey Dylin Tek It Eazy
 Mossking Beuglord69 Benn14 Skittles Azeroth
 Ashleigh Arbor Rikdo Koshi Oie Pawz
 Ajeh Rayless Wolfstrum Andrew34765 Tiny Tsunami
 Irva Mac H Magicken Cowman Trance Music
 Miwu Trutt MissIronMage Miwa Half Main
 Irl Grandma Remo Mr Dylan X zMarc Varg
 S T E N Juganog Hess J95 Phyzis
 2992 Rptr Flyonwings Kb Sc Jqmie
 Silly Apple Ac Id Futbol Joe Mangina Bear
 Axylix Musho Taking Coins Ya Boy Ann
 Nat Tecu Defined Bamf Schnozz Dewio
 Torrents Yew Roots Hampton Hitekaimer Mexk
 Mith T E G Razzeh Mikethespud Lib Tech
 Killers455 Hum Flame 29 Majesty Sara Brewz
 Tahx Jebwim Lithe Leaf Cpe Thievss
 Catherby Athlete Yew Longs Fluq Eye Patch
 Flavor Takinabreak Envy Dn Qatar Mirror Lmage
 Nov 11 Mini Finbarr Alkan Apoc Add Bisping
 Auddax Qanye Bradfordly Almostapro Rs Wiki
 Yekouri Reilly Wosby Osrs NateAlright Name
 Rhey Winterstag Razor Beast Big Cloutgod Ilkybar
 Scaping Drawkel Sheeran Dr Camel Shige
 Sick Nerd F34rcr4ds Falador Snow Jakee Horcrux
 Frightmare ITitaniumX Fyri Squall Viii Goodwin
 Ljr523 Kowe KQQky Oslo To Craft
 Hutchens Litterbug Liqix Leyatis Lazarus Z
 Saunders Anglun Samb O Dakabin Saltie
 Hac Benjamaine Dist Lakozz Booty Barbie
 Mines Velociraptor John Lennon Questalion Nuski 07
 Xoxo Rchhomiecons Kamandi Zeale Sniperkid99
 Sarats Quest Kyle Jones Adjot Sliped Evse
 Tantor Theabyssmas Maca Divergence Thorium Fox
 Exospheres Felon Som Ironman Sp0okd Hey Jase
 Gords Fowls These Grades Swerb B R A V E S
 Thundercthor Thy42 Devotion Yazu Amfar
 Akshay Yosumin Acid Range 3vison Zebrim
 Zerkinoff Bewda Blaise C Corbo Trev
 Tribuo Cha Rles Byewhat Bodyguard 0 Wakestocking
 Wcing Sharks Zip X3 Rockford Le Majik Lijmstift
 Orakel Missouri Moshul Nags Onur
 Oblv Poison Nakamurahiro Naturally V2 Rossboi Nolife
 O7 Beast Not Danny Rooncrafting Lego Kezzy
 Kai Borg Jinxoz Pure Luck Dodo Sorsa John Xii
 Justim Qant Selfys Scottish Sam Rachell
 Prob Immeh John Arroway Patient J

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