This feature allows players to change their name on RuneScape and begin tracking XP with their new display name without losing all of their old name's data points. All data points and records will be retained and be transferred to your new display name. After you submit your name change request, the name change may be approved automatically. If not, be patient. Your name change request will have to be manually approved.



*Optional. Want to improve the site by submitting name changes for other players? Type your RSN into this text box and we will keep track of how many name changes you submit. Click here to find names to change. Click here to view a list of the players whom have submitted the most name changes.

Recent name change requests (approved, denied, pending):
Capt Fury -> Mew Gx (1h27m21s) - Requested by Phury
Pvm Polaka -> Scry Mishka (1h46m44s)
Lg Osrs -> Pvm Ensiform (1h47m44s)
Lil Oxyyy -> Oxy Lean (3h4m)
Xp5 -> D Casual (3h5m22s) - Requested by D Casual
Molho Ingles -> Im Amiracle (3h20m30s) - Requested by Art Of Kappa
Crawnelele -> Nusse (3h28m27s) - Requested by Nusse
Ausztria -> Agner (4h3m46s)
Gonadslover -> Tyl R (4h26m36s) - Requested by Tyl R
Maxsoge -> Mastersoge (4h31m11s)
Giant Yarrak -> Slm Krds (4h56m43s)
Umri -> Zookooks (5h18m46s)
Simply Score -> Imnotinlove (5h27m49s)
Beanbag173 -> Beanuwubag83 (5h38m26s) - Requested by Bean
Loenmidi -> Schlzo (7h44m37s)
F Scum U C K -> Fearstate (7h54m52s)
Loose Heir -> Heccin Nice (8h11m33s)
Russian Girl ->  Lewgata (10h33m14s)
L0ws -> Jf5 (12h48m26s)
I Be The Sin -> Bl0dy Spirit (12h55m30s)
Iron Teqq -> Esben Smells (12h58m37s)
Franrum -> Eel Perk (14h14m46s)
Kaos Kris -> Bought Cape (14h16m45s)
Unzipping -> Bought Cape (14h17m54s)
Unzipping -> New Name (14h24m57s)
Ldannny -> 84719892 (14h47m11s)
Nebula V -> Ben Burgezz (15h54m12s) - Requested by Ben Burgezz
Gamer Nerd -> Erect Gaymer (16h42m35s)
Mediocre Btw -> Mediocre Rng (16h54m12s) - Requested by Mediocre Rng
Xaviously -> Disvayy (17h45m51s) - Requested by Corbertnala

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