This feature allows players to change their name on RuneScape and begin tracking XP with their new display name without losing all of their old name's data points. All data points and records will be retained and be transferred to your new display name. After you submit your name change request, the name change may be approved automatically. If not, be patient. Your name change request will have to be manually approved.



*Optional. Want to improve the site by submitting name changes for other players? Type your RSN into this text box and we will keep track of how many name changes you submit. Click here to find names to change. Click here to view a list of the players whom have submitted the most name changes.

Recent name change requests (approved, denied, pending):
Robbydizzle -> R0bby Maul (7m39s)
Concelted -> Level 99 Max (9m2s)
Epiphaniz -> Musedz (1h9s)
Infernalzack -> Neo Borg (3h2m1s)
B Ee F -> Dad Beef (3h55m25s) - Requested by Dad Beef
Daily Limit -> Not Sociable (4h12m23s) - Requested by Dog Dad
I Bad I Know -> Hueypoi (4h51m47s) - Requested by Nick
Vlcvinegar -> Racetolance (5h35m24s) - Requested by Racetolance
Vlcvinegar -> Racetolance (5h35m32s)
Allfatherzee -> Zeeshie (5h53m31s) - Requested by Zeeshie
Harambefan27 -> Pikachungus (5h57m21s)
6lacky -> Nessum Dorma (6h55m40s)
Vikki -> Tapery (7h1m17s) - Requested by Tapery
Insidious Fn -> Inveric (7h20m46s)
Fe Eviil -> Solo Swan (7h27m3s)
Knot Danny -> Danny1x (7h43m5s) - Requested by Skip The Jim
Buwatt -> Buwatt30 (7h52m41s) - Requested by Buwatt30
Jta4j25g69ym -> Wet Flute69 (8h1m48s)
Wizard Radz -> Radzz (8h26m17s)
Wizard Radz -> Radzz (8h26m25s)
Antmaan -> Slipsonic (8h39m48s) - Requested by  Sodynamic
Gountor5 -> Mr Krab S (9h17m39s)
Auxxtism -> Melancholi C (9h32m44s)
Jabor18 -> Biobble (10h35m47s)
Id3c -> D 3 C (11h25m42s)
Wg Wessox -> Wgwgwwgwgwg (13h24m19s)
Zulrah Fish -> Hammadai (13h46m43s) - Requested by Pelow
Jedcoin -> Demoni (14h18m6s) - Requested by  Mr. CML
Andynotgood -> Malegenital (14h35m12s) - Requested by Malegenital
Tusty Rub -> Ilovecorpses (15h16m56s) - Requested by Sycc

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