Crystal Math Labs FAQs

Q: How do I add a player to any Virtual Hiscores list or somewhere else on this website?
A: Type the player name in the navigation bar at the top of the site and click track. Depending on whether or not the player was already tracked by CML, you will be prompted to click here to start tracking or be able to update the stats of a player already in the database. It is not rocket science, but to make it even easier to add a name you can use the text box and button below to add a player or update stats of an existing player on this site.

Q: An ironman account is not appearing with the ironman filter on. What do I do?
A: This is a known bug. The RuneScape hiscores do not provide a reliable way to check if a player is an ironman without sending three hiscore requests per update. This is not practical to do for every update of every player on the site. You can instantly fix this for a certain player using the form below.

Q: What is updating?
A: Updating is when a user clicks the update button on any player's track page. This creates a "data point" that will show up on a player's graphs and be used to calculate experience gains for a given time period.

Q: What is a data point?
A: A data point on Crystal Math Labs is a group of data put in our database each time a player's track page gets "updated". This data point holds the player's name, time, xp for all skills, and ranks for all skills when the data point was created. Our server gets the xp and rank data from Old School RuneScape's lite hiscores page here. Daily experience gains are calculated by comparing the earliest data point within the last 24 hours and the latest data point. The same is true for calculating weekly, monthly, or whatever time period was specified. You can view raw data points using our API here.

Q: When do the days "reset"?
A: There is no "daily reset." Some experience trackers capture a player's experience once per day and simply show the differences between the two days. Crystal Math Labs uses a different paradigm: manual stat updates. This site displays the experience differences between the most recent and the earliest stat update within the time period (day, week, month, etc). You can update somebody's tracker now, and you can immediately see a change on their player tracker page and the "Current Top 30" page. If you have gained a new personal record, your new record change will be reflected immediately on the "Records" page aswell.

Q: Why do I have to update my tracker manually? Why not have it do it automatically?
A: Manual user updating is the only way to keep this tracker's data up to date without sending an obnoxious amount of requests to the server. There actually is an automatic updating mechanism built into this tracker, but not all players on this tracker qualify for automatic updating (see next question).

Q: How does the automatic updating system work?
A: To avoid unnecessary CPU and storage space usage, the automatic updater doesn't update every player on this site. Players will be automatically updated only when they meet the following criteria:
  • EHPMonth > 25 OR EHPWeek > 5 OR EHPDay > 3
  • Most recent data point was at least 75,000 seconds ago
The automatic updater will not immediately update the player after there has not been an update for 75,000 seconds, but it should update the player before 77,000 seconds.

Q: How do I set a "30 hour" daily record?
A: Players can extend a day to actually include 30 hours worth of experience because of the 6 hour automatic logout on RuneScape. The idea is that a player stays logged in for 6 hours at the start, gets automatically logged out, and then plays the next 24 hours to add up to 30 hours. This is not done without properly timing two crucial updates on CrystalMathLabs. Before you get logged out after 6 hours, you must update your stats on CrystalMathLabs. This will create the first data point of your record. Less than 24 hours after this, you should start watching where it says "Earliest update within this time period was..." on your player track page with a time period of 1 day selected. You must logout and "update" before this time reaches 24 hours in order to squeeze in the last data point of your record.

Q: How are efficient hours played calculated?
A: Efficient hours played (EHP) is calculated by subtracting the Time to 200m All Skills of a virtual player with 0 in all skills by the player whose time is being calculated. Time to Maxed Total and Time to 200m All Skills is calculated mostly by the fastest known reasonable XP rates possible for skills. For most skills, there are several different XP rates used to make the hours calculated much more accurate for any level. Of course, there is much more to RuneScape than can be expressed as XP rates. For this reason, there is special code for accounting for the different dynamics of the game. The array of skill XP gets modified in the following way before the XP rates are applied.
  • 1 Agility XP is added to the player's Agility XP for each 11 Fishing XP
  • 53 Magic XP is added to the player's Magic XP for each 56.2 Smithing XP
  • 3 Ranged XP is added to the player's Ranged XP for each 5 Slayer XP
For example, a player with 2,000,000 Fishing XP and 0 Agility XP will obtain 18,000,000 ((200,000,000 - 2,000,000) / 11) Agility XP for free when calculating time until 200m in all skills. This way, the player skips all of the early Agility levels to avoid lower XP rates. The time for the remainder 200m Agility is then calculated like this:
(200,000,000 - 18,000,000) / 62,000 == 2935 hours
62,000 is the XP rate for Agility past 11,000,000 XP. There are not any XP rates for Attack, Strength, Defense, and Hitpoints. All of these skills are assumed to be trained through Slayer. Slayer is given an XP rate just like the rest of the skills. You can view a list of the XP rates or view the source of the algorithm written in JavaScript here.

Q: Will you remove my account from your site? Will you hide my previous names?
A: Not a chance. If you do not want to show up on a RuneScape experience tracking site, do not play RuneScape.

Q: What do I do if my question isn't listed on this page?
A: Go here.